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I no longer check my email through my website.--too much SPAM to go through! If you want to contact me, you can message me through Facebook, or contact me through Woodbrook Nursery.


  1. Jeni says:

    Hi Dana,

    I visited Woodbrook earlier today (8/24/23) and was inquiring about a native plant list that correlates to birds. I found it on the WNPS site:

    Thanks again for answering all my questions and for your help. Happy gardening,


  2. Kerry Elkins says:

    I am from Neodesha. We have a Facebook Group for the town. I copied you very old picture. I would like permission to post it, plus I would absolutely love more details and I would put them with the picture. I was born 1945.

    • habitatdana says:

      Yes, you may post the picture. Can I have the name of your Facebook Group so that I can check it out? About the photo: I found this picture amongst my grandmother’s things. It is not labeled. I asked my mother if she knew who was in the photo and she thought the young girl was her mother (my grandmother), Alice Cornett (Clifford). I guessed that she looked about 10 in the photo which would make it about 1915 or 1916. My great-grandfather, John Cornett was a tenant farmer at that time in Neodesha. In the 1915 census the family is listed as follows: John Cornett, 41; Virgie, 16, Ernest, 15; Leon, 13; Archie, 11; Alice, 9; and Darrell, 6. So it makes sense that the children in the first row would be Darrell, Alice, & Archie; the boy on the horse to the right could be Leon. I am not sure about the woman. She does not appear to resemble my great-grandmother, Mary Ellen, who died in 1914 or my Great Aunt Virgie. (According to my grandmother they had a series of supposed ‘stepmothers’ through the years following her mother’s death.) My grandmother said that her father had allowed her older sister to go away to school, but brought her back after a few months to take care of the family–she eloped at 18. I think that the men in the back at the left could be her father John and brother, Ernest or “Doc;” the other man perhaps a farmhand?—Dana Kelley Bressette, Granddaughter of Alice Christina Cornett Clifford

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